Energy Audit Service

With our "Energy Audit Project" service we give for Industrial Plants, Commercial, Public and Residence Buildings, we develop "Efficiency Increasing Projects (VAP)" on how to decrease your energy consumption without disrupting production and comfort and then we provide decrease in your energy consumption by executing the projects.



Firstly a preliminary examination is made in your plant to recognize the structure with general lines and the plant is examined with all details including your plant's year-based monthly consumption data, parameters effecting consumption, inventory information and projects for the plant deemed necessary. Measurement based analyses are made in the energy consumers determined as result of the examinations.


Detailed Energy Measurement Report is prepared as result of the data taken and analyses and measurements made. In the report, Efficiency Increasing Projects (VAP) are created in such manner that they include all details from costs to incomes, emission decrease to repayment date.


The application offers necessary for execution of these projects revealed with the Energy Audit Report are presented to your side with appropriate financial solutions.


The requested projects are applied as turn key.


The energy gains and repayment durations are evaluated and reported by revealing with the measurements, whether the committed incomes after application are gained or not.

If you want to decrease energy consumption of your buildings and industrial plants by 10% and 40%,

We are ready to serve with our engineers. 

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