Measurement & Feasibility Services

We give response to measurement and reporting demands of your plant with our technical teams leaded by expert engineers and our measurement devices calibrated by TURKAK-approved companies.

You will get the level of information you request, with help of measurement works to be made on the present assessments based on plant or equipment, efficiencies of your equipment and systems, whether they work smoothly, whether they provide the necessary values or the situations which are hazardous.

Some of Our Measurement Services

·         Flue Gas Analysis Service

·         Thermal Camera Shooting Service

·         Building Exterior Wall Heat Transmission Coefficient Measurement Service

·         Energy Analyzer Measurement Service

·         Steam Traps and Steam Valve Leak Test Service

·         Compressed Air Leak Test Service

·         Fluid Flow Measurement Service

·         Compressed Air Flow Rate Measurement Service

·         Ambient Air Quality Measurement

·         Illuminance Measurement Service

·         Volume/Noise Measuring Service

·         Air Speed/Flow Measurement Service in Ventilation Lines

·         Air Speed/Flow Measurement Service in Ventilation Vents/Diffusers

·         Mechanical Systems Speed Measurement Service

·         Fluid Electrical Conductivity, Ph, TDS and Salinity Measurement Service


Some of Our Analysis and Feasibility Services

·         Pump Eligibility Analysis Service

·         Boiler Efficiency Analysis Service

·         Recuprator/Economiser Feasibility Service

·         Cogeneration/Trigeneration Feasibility Service

·         Efficiency Analysis Service in Cooler Groups


And we are ready to give analysis - feasibility services for all of your Efficiency Increasing Projects.

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