ISO-50001 Consultancy

ISO 50001 Energy Management System targets reducing energy consumption by creating Energy Management Policies within a sustainable structure. For this purpose, the road map on energy use of the business and reduction of energy consumption is drawn with the Energy Management System. We are with you in all processes beginning with drawing of this road map for your company until provision of ISO-50001 Certification.


·         Reduces energy costs,

·         Reduces maintenance costs,

·         Provides competitive advantage with reduced costs,

·         Reduces greenhouse gas emissions,

·         Can be integrated into existing management systems,

·         Increases your brand image,

·         Provides continuous improvement,

·         Allows differentiation from your competitors,

·        It is a legal obligation for taking advantage of the Grant Support of Voluntary Agreements and Efficiency Increasing Projects (VAP) Grant Support of the General Directorate of Renewable Energy.

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