Our Core Values

.     Customer Satisfaction

We aim to provide correct service to our customers starting from the first time and forever by creating new values with the awareness that the service we offer to our customers has no boundaries and there can always be better.


.     Perfection is Service

We have only one standard: Perfection. For us, perfection means offering innovative services, which exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers, and are superior to those of other organizations in the sector, and maintaining the continuity of our leadership


.     Team Work

We plan a single target. We are a single team. EMAR employees are participatory and protect their principles. Team work in Emar A.Ş. is the most important element of learning and sharing together.


.     Democratic Management

Senior Management creates a participatory and healthy communication, discussion and reconciliation environment in order to attract to Emar the personnel, who are open to team work, self-confident, self-sacrificing, determined, and have social and cultural experience, and to support the development of the current personnel regarding this matter. It ensures functioning of the organizational structure required for that.


.     Accepting  Our Employees as the Source of Our Existence;

Our employees are our most valuable assets. We must understand the value of this asset, adding value to all work processes by adding value to it, and increase their efficiency. Our power is our people, and our main principle is respect to the person. Our aim is to have intellectual people, who have received good education, and work being fully aware of their responsibilities and authorities.


.     Keeping Word

We always keep our words and never back down.


.     Creativity

We support change and award creativity. We are aware that the road to innovations and success goes through constant search for and application of the better.


.     Being Together for Years

We produce not short term, but long term processes for our customers for years. By combining the aims of Emar A.Ş. and all of our shareholders, we aim to create a happy Emar A.Ş. family that will exist forever.


.     Recognition and Appreciation

We recognize and appreciate the superior performance of all EMAR employees and award them according to their performances.


.     Sense of Leadership

All our employees have sense of leadership in constant development road of EMAR A.Ş. In EMAR A.Ş., sense of leadership is not only doing something good, but also adding value to it. Common characteristics of all our leaders is that they act by inspiring a shared vision, challenging work processes, modelling the management, facilitating employees in taking action, and encouraging, and regarding Total Quality Management as a life style. We definitely award leadership and creative approaches in EMAR A.Ş.

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