Quality Policy

1- Customer Satisfaction:


Our company has always regarded customer satisfaction as a target for since its foundation. We must always follow changes in customer values and behaviours systematically, detect what our customers expect from our company and services, and fulfil these expectations unconditionally. It must be our fundamental belief to offer our customers unlimited innovative and quality service, and gain their trust.


2- Innovation: 


In order to improve our total quality constantly, we must constantly follow new and advanced technologies and work methods in the world and realize the activities and pilot applications which are planned within this scope. We must apply these advanced technologies in all processes of our company, our core processes in particular.


3- Zero Defect:


It is our main target to ensure 100% customer satisfaction by offering them service with the most correct methods and '0' defect. We must definitely take precautions with systematic methods (PUKO etc.) in order to prevent repetition of defects that may occur in all our processes, our core processes in particular. We must develop methods and applications, which will minimize risk of defects that can occur in our processes by anticipating them.


4- Employee Development and Satisfaction:


We must not compromise our sense of management in order to create and constantly improve a peaceful, regular, participatory and constructive environment for our employees who are the foundations of our organization.


We must constantly encourage our employees to take initiative with the sense of ownership, and to become individuals, who think about constant improvement in their activities, are ready to take responsibility and love their work. We apply training and development methods required for employees without any concession.


5- Management with processes and data:


Within the scope of the policies and strategies of our company, we think that it is possible to achieve the highest sustainable performance in challenging targets only if we understand all activities related to these targets, adopt a systematic management and add opinions of all related shareholders to the system in a reliable manner.


Our company managers are responsible for communication of targets to the departments concerned, their integration with daily targets, and reaching and evaluation of targets.


6- Constant learning:


'Corporate Learning' has a key place in all strategies and processes of our company. We must constantly apply and improve the learning methods of our company (providing training, comparison, taking active role in audits and assessments, participation in domestic and foreign training seminars, fairs and technical visits, consultant support, team work and training) by ensuring their expansion. Our company always allocates proper funds for corporate learning.


7- Corporate Social Responsibility: 


Our company has determined the definition of social responsibility as voluntary contribution for a better society and environment. While continuing its commercial activities, our company has always the conscious to act in compliance with the law, moral standards and human rights, minimize the damage we can cause to the environment in our global activities and act in accordance with that. We give importance to four fundamental responsibilities in applications of our country within this scope. These are economic, legal, ethical and social responsibilities.


Corporate Social Responsibility Concept of Our Company has been defined as follows:

Economic; being productive and profitable,

Legal; abiding by the laws,

Ethical; acting in accordance with social norms and expectations beyond laws,

Social; providing voluntary contribution for solution of social problems.


We aim to care for problems of the society by carrying out activities in harmony with its expectations.  Our company believes that the happiness it will create in the society will lead to happier employees, happier customers and happier shareholders.  



8- Communication:


We believe that it possible to improve our total quality management only through establishment of a an effective and healthy communication environment. We must use the state of art communication devices in our company and ensure their expansion to related units.



9- Creating Value for Shareholders:


We always carry out studies with our suppliers and our other partners that will create mutual value in subjects such as total quality competitive advantage, logistics management etc.


Therefore we share our methods such as improvement suggestion systems etc. with them. We work together in proper working environments in development of new products, services and processes.



10- Total Participation:


We must constantly improve the organizational structure of company in a manner that will ensure our total quality and participation of all of our employees. Within this scope, we must authorize the participation of our employees in a way to increase their cooperation at individual and team level, and encourage them to take initiative. With their attitudes, our leaders must realize the expansion of this target and be the example and leader of participatory management.


11- Improving Environmental Awareness:


With the awareness that we have borrowed the environment we live in from our children, we accept environment friendly constant development and improvement in planning and implementation of all our processes as a social mission.


It is the basic principle that all our leaders and employees provide voluntary contribution for a better environment.



12- Change:


Developing market and customer oriented strategies with the truth of global market economy, directing the customer by means of constant learning, complying with the changing mentality of marketing and competition by utilizing alternative and developing technologies in the best way, creating competition without competing by rendering its own service as old-fashioned before the rival's, and becoming a company of the information era society by grasping the truth that its biggest capital is working human.



All applications in these articles are the commitment of our Company to all its customers, employees and other shareholders in accordance with the conditions of our Quality Management System.

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